I had my best photoes from was my 40 birthday pool party and the electricity unexpectedly went down! Despite the fact of having poor lighting and high level of stress, all the pictures came out awsome! Thanks Nomadfoto for such unfrogettable registered moments.
Nomadfoto provides highly professional photo services. I have always received all material in a timely fashion, and surprised by the result which was actually far above my expectations. Technically, the photos look great both in their original form, but also with post-processing - a lot of creativity goes in there, and I am always astonished at their ideas. I highly recommend Nomadfoto to everyone: if you are not yet a photo-lover, you will get addicted to it.
With Nomadfoto I had a great experience. He helps to put the model at ease, very professional attitude. You feel comfortable when working with Nomadfoto, he allows you to be as creative as you want to and at the same time there is a perfect atmosphere incorporating great direction and motivation throughout the shoot. Great quality!
Roberto is extremely professional, respectful and very reliable. He is a real artist and has an incredible eye with the light, the colors and textures. I had a photo shoot with him, and he made me feel as a model at ease and was able to bring out the best of me. Highly recommended.
Nomadfoto delivered professional and high quality service at a great value. It is more than just a high quality photo shooting it’s is a complete experience that they offer, full of inspiration, calming and a recommendation to reveal the best of you. I will do it again and again

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