A session with Roberto is not only a photoshoot: it's a treat. Being treated like a celebrity for few hours it's great therapy for anyone: but just wait to see your pictures, and you will be blown away! You had no idea you look so young and beautiful.  
Posing for the first time? Most people are. No worries, Roberto will coach you all the way. We will take our time until you are comfortable. 
stand out of the crowd
Tired of the"selfie-look", and apps that plaster your face, identical to anyone else? Do you want to look approachable on Facebook, professional on LinkedIn, and irresistible on Tinder? Different messages have different image needs.  Roberto will sail through different poses, lenses, and photographic techniques, and give you the tools you need to be sparkling and successful in your life online.
boost your self-esteem 
You don't feel confident enough?  Waiting to lose those perpetual 3, 5 or 10 kg? No need. Nomadfoto knows how to pose you to flatter your individual body type. The first wrinkles are appearing? Lose 10 years! You will look, 100%, absolutely amazing... but natural. Just the best possible version of yourself. 
It could also be a fantastic opportunity for a girl's day out :-)   Do you have a milestone to celebrate? Great idea!
exclusive experience
Posing for the first time? Most people are. No worries, we understand this, and will take our time, until you are comfortable. Take half a day  off! Also consider coming with your best friend: I promise it will be fun! In studio or at your place, as you feel more comfortable and allow your photos to tell your story. And, next time, maybe on location!
Learning to pose, appreciate and present yourself to the world is a memorable, intimate experience. It could also be a fantastic opportunity for a girl's day out :-)   Do you have a milestone to celebrate? Great idea!
photos for your life online, and offline
You will get classy limited editions, printed on the best fine art papers: not any paper! Rare, pure cotton, thick, smooth, fine art paper made in Germany. See one, feel one, and you'll be addicted. Each print is stamped, signed, and certified as limited edition. 
A great present for yourself, for your significant other, or just to show off with your guests in the living room. 
You will also get gorgeous digital photos to post on Facebook, Linkedin, Tinder, and any social media. Each tailored to express a different side of you, and send a very specific message.
since 2012
Founded in 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand, Nomadfoto is the initiative of an Italian photographer now based in NYC. This is the story of this adventure.
professional coaching
After your booking, Nomadfoto will contact you to discuss your ideas, expectations, and suggest how you should prepare for this memorable experience. All through the shooting, Nomadfoto will also guide you in any step, to ensure that you will convey the message you have in mind. 
at your convenience
As a general rule, the shoots for the standard and premium packages will take place at your own place, anywhere in Amman. Are you considering to have  friend with you? Great idea! 
3-4 hours
If this is the first time for you, please allow at least three- four hours for the photoshoot. We will start slowly, and make sure that you will get accustomed to the set-up, lights, etc. and you fully enjoy the experience. Please, no kids, no pets. As first experience, better in studio than on location outdoor.. 

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